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New Energy

With the change of times and the support of the state, the development and construction of new energy industry has become an important basis to measure the development level of enterprises. Laquarry Group is a professional equipment and service provider focusing on new energy application, and has established good long-term strategic cooperative relations with international giants of power supply equipment, such as BYD, Siemens and ABB. The company has made a breakthrough in the research of "the technology of slag heat recovery and power generation" in Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., together with the international iron and steel federation, Krupp of Germany and relevant institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company has set up a special new energy company jointly with Liaohe Oilfield of China Petroleum and has entered into the oil exploitation and smelting industry; and has set up an energy company with the government of Liaoning. The company has also set up the city power system and transformed the existing public transport system to achieve a real "zero emission" urban transport system and so on.

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