Jinyuan Family of Laquarry Group completed the sales task of 2017 ,which was six months ahead of schedule.


Jinyuan Family of Laquarry Group is located in t Acheng District of Harbin city, Heilongjiang province, with superior project location, advanced planning and design, high-grade building materials and first-class services. It takes "five-star home" as the architectural standard to create the best living experience in Acheng.

Jinyuan Family of Laquarry Group was reorganized its business team, after the acquisition, and was officially launched into the Acheng market in 2017, which was widely recognized and supported by the public. Till now, the sales performance ranked the first in Acheng District of Harbin, which achieved remarkable achievements while creating excellent reputation.

The marketing management department of Heilongjiang Guanming real estate development Co., Ltd. completed the sales tasks set by the group six months in advance, and demonstrated the ability and elegance of the project company. The President of the group gave full recognition and commended all the employees of the project company, expecting each colleague to make persistent efforts and create more excellent achievements.

Laquarry investment group building, No.666-1, Nanjing street, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning City, China

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