Laquarry --City Star


Business with 100-year history in Dandong city originated from Zhongfu street, which is a symbol of the city's prosperity. With the development of the times, the current situation of streets cannot meet the needs of urban development! The consumption vitality requires to be promoted, the business development required to be updated. Similarly, the dilapidated schoolhouse seriously drags down the education quality, hampers the children's future development.

Laquarry --City Star, to come to change the city, now resplendent!

In 2015, Laquarry real estate entered Dandong, and came to build a better Dandong. Five minutes' distance makes the whole city wonderful for you and gives you a new life enjoyment like a metropolis. The three main trunk lines, with over 20 bus lines, living resources, commercial centers, high-quality education resources and administrative business supporting services surround the project. The value essence of Dandong gathers here.

Laquarry –City Star is oriented by future urban planning and based on the wealth of century-old business vein center of Dandong. With unprecedented visual height, it fully integrates commercial, residential, shopping and leisure, sets up the era benchmark of Dandong's "old city, prosperous and proud of the city", and makes a one-stop metropolis blueprint.

With the support of Laquarry Group, Jintang Primary School and the Second Kindergarten will become the best education platform in Dandong. The rebuilt Jintang Primary School, with newly upgraded hardware and software equipment, enables children to enjoy more superior education resources. The second Kindergarten in Dandong, which is the first 5-star kindergarten in Liaoning, is just next to the project. The first-class education resources will help the children have a wonderful future.

Laquarry Group pays attention to the modernization of the city while building the school. As a result, Laquarry --City Star is born and becomes the core living landmark of Dandong. Here you can touch fashionable life, experience the new territory of recreational consumption in Dandong, use famous goods and become fashionable person, guiding the prosperity of the city.

Commercial Street amasses unlimited popularity, extends the flow of people and creates wealth prosperous ground. with 70-year-property boutique residence, life and work compatible and the fashionable official residence that tailors custom-made for city elite personage, city star is equipped with rare large underground parking, with the distribution of cars and people and direct elevator to the underground parking, safe and comfortable. The hall is more than 100 meters, exquisite luxury, and reflects the supremacy of residence. Livable scale space let you discover the true meaning of a house. Large French Windows are designed with good ventilation and lighting. It has the features of flexible office space, simple and lively office environment, free control of the pace of work, the city elite's exclusive domain of wealth and wisdom and high-quality hotel property management, providing attentive and thoughtful property services for the dignity of life. The future of hope starts here, the fashion front leads here, and the happy life spreads here...

Laquarry investment group building, No.666-1, Nanjing street, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning City, China

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