Laquarry Group supports half of Tianlong to build the first brand park


The Industrial Park of Laquarry Group will be dedicated to building a modern industrial park serving the northeast. The park takes the production and processing industry as the main development direction, strives for the realization of "door-to-door" matching within the park, and finally forms the "honeycomb" structure with "large enterprises" as the core. Meanwhile, preferential policies will be given to enterprises entering the park to the maximum extent.

Shenyang is known as the “the base of heavy industry ". The industrial park is located in South Nanjing Street, Hunnan Distrct, within the third ring road, enjoying convenient transportation and geographical advantages. Based on the existing urban industrial foundation and advantages, the industrial park will gradually form a supporting system with a strong industrial atmosphere and become a new industrial production base and supporting base.

Taking the characteristics of the park road into consideration, the park follows the principles of traffic safety, layout comfort, ecological adaptability and economic practicability in its green design. The overall landscape layout of the park is fast, safe and comfortable, mainly featuring beautification of road capacity, road appearance and plants. Greening effect reflects the characteristics of high standard, high grade and high starting point, adding new ideas for industrial production. We believe that in the near future, the industrial park will become the industrial pillar of northeast China.

Laquarry investment group building, No.666-1, Nanjing street, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning City, China

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