The ceremony was held at the Industrial Park of Laquarry Group in Shenyang.


June 10, 2017 is the harvest day of Laquarry Group. On this day, the completion ceremony of the headquarters building of Laquarry Group was held in the Industrial Park of Laquarry Group, Hunnan district, Shenyang city. 

Mr. Yan Guofu, President of Laquarry Group, Ms Ji Xuemei, vice President of Laquarry Group, Mr. Zhang Zhen, vice President of Laquarry GroupMs. Liu yuChief financial officer of Laquarry Group, Ms. Ma Xiaowei, the president of the Peoples Bank of China and some other leaders attended the ceremony. Mr. Jian Huisong, general manager of Shenyang Northeast Engineering Construction Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Sun Shuming, general manager of Lingyuan Xingyuan Project Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.  were also invited to attend the meeting and deliver a speech. 

As the landmark building of the Industrial Park of Laquarry Group, the headquarter building of Laquarry Group can not only meet the office requirements of the headquarters of large enterprises, but also, in terms of function positioning, possess multiple attributes such as enterprise conference, exhibition, communication, catering and reception, so as to provide a full range of thoughtful and satisfactory services for the enterprises. In 2018, Laquarry Group will also be the first to enter and join hands with enterprises in various industries to take advantage of the free trade zone in Shenyang to develop, grow together and share joy.

Laquarry investment group building, No.666-1, Nanjing street, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning City, China

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