About Langqin

Strategy of the brand management: based on the global vision, the company accelerates the pace of "going out", deepens international exchanges and cooperation, effectively allocates capital, talents and market resources, gradually expands overseas business, strengthens operation supervision and risk prevention, and improves the level of brand operation.

Excellent strategy of the operation: to fully develop the supporting role of scientific management, to strengthen constantly the whole-process management of capital operation, market operation, financial cost and project construction, to integrate effectively economic elements and system resources, and to improve constantly the profitability and management level of enterprises.

Strategy of the talent growth: to insist that talent resource is the first resource, grasp, cultivate, attract and use talents, to take optimizing talent resource structure as the main line, and to create a new pattern of talent team that meets the needs of enterprise development and to develop a talent team with a higher level in China. We will improve and standardize the company's compensation system and welfare policies and form a diversified and multi-tiered incentive and restraint mechanism. We will also create a harmonious and stable talent growth environment, and comprehensively improve the quality of the staff, to achieve the company's strategic goals to provide strong talent guarantee.

Harmonious development strategy: to improve the company's comprehensive ability of all-round development, and to ensure the establishment of a comprehensive investment group with international competitiveness. By updating the concept, optimizing the structure, improving the process, improving the internal control, we will comprehensively improve the decision-making, execution and control of the company, and promote the company's rapid and good development.

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